Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting Ready for a Great New Year!

Oh my goodness gracious - It's been a loooong time, bloggy friends! After welcoming little Max to our family last Spring and closing out the school year with my geniuses, I think I just collapsed into a big lump of lazy. :) School starts again next week and I've been putting the "pro" in procrastinate! Time to get back into my room and make it welcoming for my new batch of fabulous First Graders! But first, I'd like to share my own little munchkins with you - They've been keeping me busy this summer!

Miss Emma is a very mature THREE years old already. She is such a lover and can't keep her hands off of her little brother for more than a few minutes at a time! She has the best sense of humor and makes me laugh every single day... Max is the happiest little guy you could ever hope to meet and he just smiles all day at everyone he sees! He's super ticklish and I just love getting him to giggle like crazy!

BUT... The time has come for me to let these two go to their ah-MAZING sitter while I embrace my 18 "other" kids, as I refer to them at home. :) I can't wait to meet them all and start their transformation from Kindergarteners to real Readers, Writers, Scientists and Mathematicians. I stocked up on some great teaching books this summer and finished out my Master's Degree, so I'm ready to roll! Now I just have to go pretty-up my room a bit and get ready for my next adventure! I promise to blog again soon... Thanks for reading!

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  1. Kelly, welcome back! We missed you, and congratulations on baby Max. Lovely pics of Emma and the baby.

    I had some great time online this summer with my PLN friends making connections. I have learned much, and I'm so excited to get back into school and share what I've learned. Today I finished my first day with my new 7th and 8th grade geniuses.

    So exciting!